Our company has specialized in publishing real estate magazines and advertising design since 1993. For over a decade, we have held fast to our core principle of providing quality customer service, unique professional designs and a staff that is friendly and easy to work with. Our customers come from all over the Bay Area, with businesses ranging from real estate to banking, telecommunications, entertainment, restaurants, insurance, travel, and more. From day one, our customers have raved about our professionalism and quality customer service.

     We have earned our reputation because we pour out our hearts and souls to pave a road for "career success," "growing existing business" and "home ownership" for our customers.

     Our real estate magazine <California Property Guide> is the oldest Chinese-language real estate magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area, and enjoys a broad readership and customer base. It's a real estate "treasure" with a huge distribution network. We help those who join the real estate business to develop their market share and pave their way to success. Those who have been in the real estate business for a long time we help maintain their client base and provide a bridge for communication. The publication provides all readers with information on the most recent real estate transactions, investments, mortgages, property rentals and leases, and transfers of business properties, as well as an introduction to sources of building materials. That's the reason <California Property Guide> is the best friend of real estate brokers, homeowners, buyers and investors. <California Property Guide> has opened a necessary, quick and efficient channel for the public to get real estate news. By providing professional and complete customer service, we can help make dreams come true.

     Over these many years, we have been handling various kinds of advertising. We have designed corporate images for companies in various industries, and have helped them achieve tremendous results. We have also packaged unknown brand names to achieve market success. Like a new bride's beautiful wedding dress, our design promotes the advertiser's brand in such a positive light that our customers say they wish they had come see us sooner.

     Since the opening of our business, we have maintained our professionalism and measured our customer satisfaction by efficiency and service. Our customers are precious to us and we will always do our best to serve them!

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