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While most Americans are spenders, Asians have tended to be savers and Chinese in particular. Investing their savings in Real Estate is a over 4000-year tradition to accumulate wealth. Many Chinese have been taking advantage of this economic crisis. They exchange their properties to ideal locations, purchase bank owned and short sales properties, houses which needed major renovation or simply any kind of real estate which are affordable to them. They have a habit of putting out large down payments like 20% to 50%. It's not an uncommon practice if they make cash purchase in this hard to find finance market.

Advertising in the California Property Guide means you are reaching out to the growing number of prospects who read Chinese. As the longest-established Chinese-language real estate magazine in the San Francisco Bay Area, the California Property Guide has a strong loyal reader basis.

1. It's the only Chinese-language real estate magazine published every 2 weeks--this will ensure you the advantage of flexibilities in advertising your new listings to more serious buyers.

2. It has a well-established network-- street racks are located on the high traffic areas and refilled and patrolled every other day. It can also be found in supermarkets, restaurants, indoor and outdoor stands. It's distributed free of charge throughout San Francisco, the Peninsular and the East Bay.

3. It's printed with both high-quality color glossy stock and white paper for the budget of its clients. Our graphic designer has over 20 years of professional design experience.

4. Its ad copies are written and translated by professionals with extensive experience in writing real estate ads over 2 decades.

5. Its marketing manager is credited with 22-year experience in handling real estate advertising.

6. It features professional and informative articles written by attorneys, CPA's, and experienced realtors helping to attract readers.

7. It is the most cost-efficient vehicle for real estate advertising--it is only $256 for a full-page ad for our regular clients. Ad contents can be updated entirely every 14 days at no extra charge.

8. We have proven results that 95% of our clients are satisfied. You may call up any of our clients to verify the responses. Many Realtors have been gotten listings just by showing their ads in the California Property Guides to potential sellers.


Our clients get promising results because the California Property Guide is always reachable to their prospects. If you take a walk on streets of the Chinese communities, it will definitely help make your decision easier.

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